Piedmont, Italy, Vineyard B&B and luxury holiday apartments to rent

Award winning B&B and holiday apartments on this working vineyard in Piedmont, Italy.  Relax around our pool and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of "La Dolce Vita" in the heart of Italy's greatest food and wine producing countryside.  Go white truffle hunting, try cycling or horse riding through vineyards and the monferrato hills, tour wineries and cantinas and sample world class gourmet foods in this undiscovered gem of northern Italy.

A working Vineyard

Our farm is called Vecchio Podere Santa Cristiana (translates as ancient grand farmhouse) in addition to looking after our guests, we grow Barbera and Moscato grapes and produce our DOC and DOCG. status wines. Our farmland extends to about 7 hectares [around 18.2 acres] with just under half currently populated with vines. We are actively developing the vineyards and hope soon to add other grape varieties to our mix. Read more on the wines and vineyard side of life.

...and bed and breakfast (B&B)

We have also developed a bed and breakfast (B&B) business along with a number of holiday apartments for rent. Read more..............

So why Piedmont?

Frankly it is just a fantastic place to live. The locals are so friendly, the climate is outstanding (we like the extremes of hot summers and cold winters) and the Italian lifestyle "la dolce vita" here in the centre of wine, food and dining Piedmont is wonderful. Of course the scenery is to die for - we jsut love it.

Culture and lifestyle in "Piemonte"

The Piedmontese work hard but take the time to enjoy the other important things in life. Family and friends come first; they look after each other but expect little from anyone else.  Perhaps because the region is encapsulated by the magnificent and imposing Alps and by Liguria and the sea, you get a people who long ago learned to rely on their own small communities for everything. It is a serene place, where the elders of communities are respected enough to still influence the cultural attachments of the next generations.  Here you will find that there are still things more important than money. Our visitors are invariably touched by the kindness and courtesy of the people they meet here. Read more...................

Piedmont Fairs and Festivals

From May to November Piedmont is bustling with festivals, village fairs and events. Each weekend is liekly to have several competing events for you to experience. Read more................

Thinking of buying a house in Piedmont (Piemonte)?

Well our first advice is the easiest - do it! Yes we thoroughly recommend buying a house in the Piedmont, that is exactly what we did in 2004 and we have no regrets. Of course if you are not Italian then there are many differences in how to find and buy a house. We are not agents (realtors) so do not suggest that we are experts in this field, but we are more than happy to share our experiences of looking for, buying and owning a property in Piedmont. Here are a few simple points for your consideration : Read more........

The mountains of Italy

One of the reasons we moved to Piedmont was our love of mountains. After all "Piemonte" means the foot of the mountains. On a clear day when visibility is right, we can look out over our vineyards and enjoy the majesty of mountains surrounding us on three sides, we are in fact about 50 miles from the nearest mountain. However, our good road networks moderate this distance and day trips to our closest mountain ranges are entirely feasible. Indeed we have explored many of the mountains featured on this site by taking day trips from home. Our great mountain views are a testament to the sheer size and stature of the Alps, they are truly amazing, but it’s impossible to imagine just how impressive they are close up unless you go and stand in their shadows. So we suggest that with a little effort it does not have to be all wine and sunshine beside our pool. Indeed by providing this information about the mountains and outdoor activities, we hope to encourage many of our guests to explore what is an essential part of Italy, the mountains that have shaped its destiny and culture over centuries. Read more...................

Introduction to the wines of Piedmont

Piedmontese vine growing occurs predominately in the two large areas known as the Lange and Monferrato. The Langhe is a region full of splendid, hills, bound by the Tanaro and Bormida valleys, and the Ligurian Alps. The hills, which geographically speaking make up an extension of the Northern Apennines into Western Padania , slope down from an altitude of 700-800 metres. Production of some of the most famous wines takes place in this region. These include not only Barolo and Barbaresco, but also Moscato d'Asti, Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. Read more.........

Our very own irst vintage was released in October 2006. We named it "Piano PIano" - the reason is explained on the label, but it is thanks to all those who coached us and encouraged us through the first 18 months in Piedmont. Our wine is available for sale in the UK and of course to all visitors to our vineyard B&B and apartments.

The food of Piedmont

Of course a big attraction to us was the quality and diversity of Piedmont foods and restaraunts. We pay homage to this on our web site where Ingrid has developed an introduction to the food of Piedmont and also some favoritePiedmont recipes

Pictures of Piedmont, our vineyard and the B&B

We have a large collection of pictures featuring Piedmont landscapes, festivals and of course our vineyard and B&B.

Image Gallery 1 - our farmhouse accommodation

Image Gallery 2 - Festivals and events in Piedmont

Image Gallery 3 - Genoa

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Image Gallery 5 - Piedmont Mountains

Image Gallery 6 - Italian Riviera & Portofino

Image Gallery 7 - Our vineyards

What's on in Piedmont?

Please browse the follwing list of what's on in the province of Astri. There is always a fair, festival, cultural event or market somewhere near us throughout the year! Read more.......

What sort of things are their to see in Piedmont? Click here.....

Independant reviews about our guest house and apartments

We are pleased to have received a lot of great reviews from our past visitors. You can read them all on trip advisor, or follow this link......

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We have now retired from the consulting and management training business. We remain happy to assist our past customers who can contact us here.

So where did we go?

Welcome to stayinpiedmont, we have retired to Italy (where retired is a subjective term - as we are working rather hard actually). In late 2004 we bought a working vineyard in Piedmont, northern Italy and have been focusing all our efforts into learning how to manage our vineyards, planting new vineyards and making our own red and white wines. Quite a change from technology and management consulting.